Lyttelton: Not so little anymore

With a long and sometimes difficult history, Centurion has come a long way to the sprawling development of urbanicity it is today. In fact, it wasn't even Centurion to begin with, but initially developed from the Lyttelton Township that was marked out on the farm Droogegrond in 1904. From there, Centurion was granted City Council … Continue reading Lyttelton: Not so little anymore

Featured Agent: Analie Viljoen

If one were to describe Analie Viljoen in two words, it would be "people person". A mother of two, and loving wife, Analie Viljoen returned to the real estate industry going on two years now, after a long history working in the Human Resources department of Telkom. Before that, she worked as a real estate … Continue reading Featured Agent: Analie Viljoen

Featured Agent: Maryna van Schalkwyk

If you're looking for agent who lives and breathes real estate, you've come to the right place! Maryna van Schalkwyk, Harcourts Maritz agent for Valhalla, Centurion has been active in the real estate business for 32 years. From humble beginnings in Amanzimtoti, Maryna became interested in real estate thanks to her next door neighbour, who … Continue reading Featured Agent: Maryna van Schalkwyk